Pharmalab’s Monoblock is fitted with Filling & Sealing heads on a single base having common drive assembly to improve efficiency of filling & Sealing. The machine is suitable for syrup, suspension, foamy as well as viscous liquids. Pharmalab holds true to the tag line “We fill & seal any flow-able liquid in rigid container”.
  • GMP compliant compact design.
  • Suitable for Plastic / HDPE / Glass bottles
  • Fill sizes range from 30 to 500 ml , fill accuracy +/- 1%
  • Same machine can cater to ROPP or Plastic/Screw
  • Caps
  • Output ranges from 40 to 280 bottles per minute
  • Centralized arrangement for Height & volume
  • Adjustment
  • NO Bottle – NO Fill, NO bottle – NO cap, NO Cap
  • Machine stop
  • Auto level adjustment for overhead Filling hopper
  • Safety cabinet
  • Fault alarm system
  • Quick change over
  • Wash cycle thru PLC
  • PLC controlled
  • Automatic cap loading system ( optional)

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