The Pharmalab Advantage:
Pharmalab’s Ultrasonic Washer ensures effective washing through optimum power, process control and recirculation
  • Efficient tank design and the optimum transducer selection and placement to ensure an uniform power of 1200W
  • Our washers come with a standard 30KHz ultrasonic frequency with other frequencies available on request
  • Critical cycle parameter control: The washer automatically monitors, control and records the ultrasonic power, tank temperature and the cycle time throughout the cycle
  • The washer is provided with luer lock arrangement for circulation of water and effective cleaning
  • Rinsing is done through powerful spray nozzles
Ease of operation:
The ergonomic design coupled with the sophisticated automation makes the washer extremely easy to use.
  • Optimum loading height
  • Automatic process-Pre-washing, water filling & detergent dozing, Ultrasonic washing with process parameter control, draining of tank and rinsing
  • Easy chemical can replacement with low level alarms
‘Count on Pharmalab for your next requirement of Ultrasonic Cleaner.’
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