Turnkey Implementations
Turnkey Implementations for projects is undertaken in association with our group company Elomatic Pharamalab. The company has access to over 650 trained Engineering Professionals working in different projects around the world.
We deploy many cutting edge technologies in turnkey implementations, some of which
  • Our own 3D software for plant design – CADMATIC which is specially suited for Pharmaceutical Projects
  • ELDOC – a documentation software
  • Our unique Ebrowser software which allows clients to remotely monitor progress on their projects.
Consultancy & Layout Drawings
Consultancy is offered in conjunction with our group company Elomatic Pharmalab in areas of:
  • Project Design.
  • Basic Engineering.
  • Project Management.
  • Validation.
  • Startup Service.
In case of certain equipments, layout drawings are important to decide the suitable sizes of equipment. It also helps avoid any complications while installing the machines. Hence, Pharmalab invests a lot of its energys in detailed layout drawings for its clients as a service.
Training is offered in two stages. First, when the machines are tested at our facility, we invite the client’s operating personnel and the second stage when our personnel and engineers are installing the machine at the client’s site, on-hand training is provided to the client’s operating personnel. In addition, we also conduct product training sessions for important products like Multi-Column Distillation Still, PSG, Sterilizers, etc.
For all the products installation and commissioning is done by us except for the conventional design equipments like Filter Press and Semi Auto pkg m/cs.
As an integral part of equipment qualification, Pharmalab have established full-fledged FAT facility. With an aim of replicating the actual manufacturing condition, at our premises, to demonstrate the product’s quality and performance.
Apart from conducting FAT at our manufacturing sites for our clients, we also provide following documents for our products.
  • Design Qualifications.
  • P & I diagram and other drawings.
  • Functional description.
  • Description of systems.
  • Operating instructions.
  • Maintenance procedures.
  • Manufacturer’s literature.
  • FAT protocol and documents.
Annual Maintenance contracts
Why AMC?
In today’s competitive world, quality is most important factor. Quality output from any machine depends on machine’s consistent performance. To get consistent performance, regular maintenance is a key factor. When it comes to critical equipment, special skills are required to carry out maintenance job and the best people to do it are the manufacturers, who build it.
It is observed today that most of the operation interruption or break down in the industry is due to improper or untimely maintenance of the equipment.
What we do in AMC
  • Check more than 20 critical component for its functioning.
  • Cleaning and lubrication of moving parts.
  • Ensure functioning of safety components like safety valve, Door safety switch on sterile and non sterile door.
  • Check for leak in chamber.
  • Check all NRVs functioning in the equipment.
  • Steam and water leaks will be checked in every visit to save energy and operating cost.
  • Timely replacement of critical consumable.
  • Check all interlocks and alarams.
WFI Generation plant and Pure Steam Generators
  • Check more than 10 critical components for its functioning.
  • Cleaning and lubircation of moving parts
  • Ensure functioning of safety valves and pressure switches
  • Attend leak points
  • Chemical cleaning of columns to ensure effecient heat transfer.
  • Steam and water leaks will be checked in every visit to save energy and operating cost
  • Timely replacement of critical consumable
  • Check all interlocks and alarams
What Pharmalab has to offer additionally
  • Reduce down time drastically with close monitoring, absolute record checking and stringent observation.
  • Detailed report will be submitted by certified Engineers to support your audits under the specified guidelines
  • Train user and supervisor for effecient operation
  • History of equipment will be maintained
  • Critical spares stock will be maintained at site by Engineer to avoid emergency
  • Update on latest upgradation in equipment & process cycle to improve equipment performance and meet the requirement of latest pharmacopeia
  • Priority for upgradation will be given
  • Speical discount on all spare purchase
Contact us today
Phone: +91 2764 664364
E mail: service@pharmalab.com
After sales service & spare parts
After Sales Service and Spare Parts
After Sales Service and Spare Parts supply is a necessary support activity that is provided by Pharmalab to all its clients. Support is provided on phone as well as by visiting technicians.
To avail online support right now, you can click on the link below and our technician will get back to you with the required support.
Online Support.
Pharmalab has introduced a new Technology in De-rouging of equipments like process vessels, sterilizers, pure steam generators and multi-column distillation plants.
Pharmalab’s well-trained and experienced team is equipped to give complete De-rouging solutions from identifying the level of rouge to implementing the well-established documented De-rouging process.
Pharmalab’s well developed network is available for prompt and guaranteed service support.
  • Safe process as the product “Deconex” used in treatment has a neutral pH.
  • Quick and effective treatment.
  • De-rouging solution used can directly be drained without any neutralizing treatment.
  • De-rouging can be achieved without changing any Mechanical properties.
Quality assurance certification support with provision of work & test protocol, SOP, analysis report for chemicals used, material compatibility certificates, MSDS for chemicals used. Safety aspect while handling De-rouging chemicals.
World-class De-rouging solutions are now available at your door step. Kindly contact us for your De-rouging requirements.