Tube Filling Machine
Pharmalab’s Tube filling and cartoning machine delivers best packaging quality standards with robust design and good manufacturing practice. The machine is designed with cost effective measures which requires minimal maintenance and achieves high operating efficiency.
Tube filling machine capacity ranges from 40 to 180 Tubes per Minute.
  • Precise automatic infeed.
  • Print mark registration and sealing.
  • Leister (Switzerland) make heating gun.
  • PLC-HMI based operation.
  • Overload clutch protection for longer life.
  • Easy changeover with change over kit.s
  • Flame proof electrical panels “(optional)”.
  • Tube cleaning with dedicated suction blower.
  • GMP model with all sides cover.
  • Confirmatory to European safety standard.
  • No tube-No fill, No seal, No cutting.
  • One Machine suitable for aluminum, laminated and plastic tubes.
  • Auto collection of Laminated tube residual.
Optional Features
  • Timing belt instead of regular chain, design for improved machine life and smooth operations.
  • Stirrer heater if the product being packed is highly viscous.
  • Vision inspection system to ensure that the text/barcode being printed on the product is legible.