For Square / Ova / Flat / Round / Container – Single / Double Side.
This is used for precise labelling on single or double sides simultaneously, for containers of any size and shape. The machine operates at the speed of 100 / 200 / 300 containers per minute, depending upon the label length. Containers of different shapes and sizes can be accommodated on the same machine with or without the need for change parts. The latest SERVO technology makes for precise placement of label and also for high output.
For Ampoules /Vials
This is for applying labels vertically on ampoules / vials and other thin-diameter containers at a high speed of 200-400 containers per minute. The unique operating feature of this machine is its interruption-free one-touch synchronized operation. Moreover, speeds can be changed on-line from the control panel, which displays labelling speeds.
For Round (Diff. Dia.) / Perfect Square Containers.
This is used for full / partial wrap-around labelling on round / square containers of different sizes. The machine operates at the speed of 100 / 200 / 300 containers per minute depending on the lable length. Separate drives for conveyor, wrap-around and space creators are useful for precise labelling on various products with varying label sizes.
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