This filter press is offered for filtration of solids from liquid in comparatively higher batch sizes. The Press can be precisely sized for the required filtration area and cake holding capacity. It finds application in pre-filtration of sterile products, syrups, beverages etc. It is available in plate sizes of 20 x 20, 40 x 40, 60 x 60 cms.
Size 60 x 60 cms is common in Beverages industry for the filtration of Sugar Syrup of higher brix value. It is provided with Hydraulic Power Pack as a closing device for units having higher filtration area.
Unlike the horizontal plate filter press, these units can be used for reduced filtration area by removing a few number of plates. In certain cases a blockage plate can help to meet unwarranted conditions.
Another distinct advantage is the usage of the “by-pass” plate which facilitates two-step filtration, e.g. 10 microns followed by 5 microns.
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