Conventional model (Std. design)
In this type of filter, the product to be filtered is fed in the shell with the help of a suitable pump, wherein it flows through the filter plates placed inside. The product enters the plates from peripheral holes, the impurities are retained on filter media & clear filtrate comes out from the bottom outlet. The Scavenging arrangement provided on the filter ensures removal of the entire filtered liquid.
There are various combinations available with different diameter & number of plates to get the desired filtration area and cake holding capacity.
Reverse Flow model (Zero hold up type design)
This is the modified version of our conventional Horizontal plate type filter, in which the flow direction is ‘Reversed’. The shell is Dome type with clamps and bottom flange.
Features Of Reverse Flow Model
  • Zero Hold up of Filtrate in the shell without scavenging operation.
  • Superior clean filter tank processing.
  • Fast & easy removal of the filter plate & cartridge due to top dome construction.
  • Easy removal of cake.

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