• Designing, Manufacturing, Supplying and Commissioning all types of Biotech Processing equipments including Fermenters and Bio-Reactors in the standard model as well as the Custom Process System requirements in a fully Turnkey Integrated Package.
  • Vessel: SS 316L, ASME coded, Inside EP to
  • Resterilizable Sample Valve
  • Resterlizable Harvest/Drain Valve with quick connect fillings
  • Peristaltic Pumping System
  • Utility Service of:
    1. 1.Water
    2. 2.Clean Air
    3. 3.Pure Steam
    4. 4.Boiler Steam
    5. 5.Cooling Water/Chilled Water Supply & Return
    6. 6.Drain System
    7. 7.Venting System
  • Multiple Sterile Steam Traps.
  • Multiple Ingold-type ports for RTD, pH & DO Sensors.
  • Thermal Mass Flow Controller for Air.
  • Resterilizable Vent Filters.
  • Open Piping Frame.
  • Safety ports.
  • SS 316L Rupture Disc.
  • Automatic Back Pressure Regulator.
  • Exhaust line with Heat Exchanger & View Glass.
  • Compact Top or Bottom Drive Unit.
  • Efficient Agitation System.
  • Light & Fill port with sanitary Tri-Clamp.
  • Modular Design with a variety of options for customization.
  • Zero-Dead Leg sanitary fittings.
  • Large touch screen Interface for clear view of Process Parameters.
  • NEMA for Control Panel.
  • Control System as per GAMP Guidelines.
  • Head Plate Ports for addition of Sensors.
  • Double Mechanical Sterile Seal.
  • High Level Foam Control.
Mobile SIP Unit
  • Different types of Bio-Tech products

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