SKAN and Pharmalab in collaboration offers SKANFOG VAC®, a Safe and Rapid transfer of precious material.
SKANFOG VAC® is an airlock with integrated SKAN-FOG technology for a fast and gentle bio-decontamination with H2O2. The pre-vacuum ensures the infiltration of the hydrogen peroxide to all surfaces and dead spots in the load. Due to its stainless steel design the airlock is suitable for the highest clean room classification. A very fast cycle time (less than 30 minutes) makes it highly efficient. With its modular design the SKANFOG VAC® can be adapted to all customer requirements. Comprehensive qualification documents and a versatile personnel qualification support leave nothing to be desired.
Customer Requirements
  • Interface between clean rooms with increasing sterility requirements.
  • Safe and rapid transfer of heat-sensitive material.
  • Short cycle time.
  • Reliable and fully automated decontamination process.
  • Profound validation support.
  • Automatic leak test before each transfer.
  • The doors are pneumatically sealed for an excellent tightness and interlocked to avoid operator failure.
  • A total kill of 10^6 spores of Geobacillus stearothermophillus is reproducible
  • H2O2 depletion is reached by vacuum pulsing
  • Very low H2O2 consumption
  • Control by Siemens PLC or other brand is possible.
  • Data acquisition (pressure, amount of H2O2 over time) by paperless line printer.
  • Customized baskets are available.
Broad range of Services
  • Complete documentation according to GMP requirements.
  • Installation and commissioning at site.
  • Qualification support IQ/OQ.
  • Decontamination cycle development.
  • Microbial qualification.
  • Documented operator training.

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