It is becoming increasingly important to understand customer needs and translate them into a unique value-added product. That is to not only deliver a product as per customer specifications, but also to exceed customer expectation by adding advanced features, long term durability with emphasis on aesthetics.

For any manufacturing company like Pharmalab one of the key areas that determines customer satisfaction is the "Building of Quality Product". With that in mind, we at Pharmalab have tried to implement the techniques of World class manufacturing (WCM) or lean manufacturing in our facility. One of our key focus areas is to work on the elimination of waste and non-value adding activities on the production floor which ultimately helps us make things right the first time. Normally, WCM terminology varies from organization to organization but its eventual aim remains unchanged, i.e. World Class Performance.

In order to further uplift Pharmalab to global manufacturing standards, our focus is to continuously implement the latest WCM Techniques. These are some of the techniques implemented and under evaluation.

  • Make to order
  • Streamlined Flow of process
  • Doing it right the first time
  • Total preventive maintenance
  • Quick replacement of parts
  • Zero Defects
  • Just in Time
  • 5S
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • Increased consistency in operations
  • Higher employee involvement
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Multi-Skilled employees

The objective of using these techniques is to focus on operational efficiency, reducing wastage and creating a cost-efficient organization. This leads to a high-productivity organization which uses concurrent production techniques rather than the sequential production method. Due to sustained efforts, we have achieved:

  • Reduction of fabrication time, assembly time and fine tuning of our machines which are under manufacturing.
  • Reduction of work in progress (WIP). We at Pharmalabhave determined an optimum level of WIP to enable financial stability and in turn improved operational cost. Our team is consistently monitoring WIP and every individual is educated to see that the balance is maintained.
  • Skill Manpower Management and effective deputation of resources. This ensures that the right skills go into the right process in order to achieve zero defect results.
  • Planning and prioritising to achieve timely deliveries and meet customer expectations. With the help of regular coordination amongst all departments we have tried to align our production with the forecast and demand to meet customer expectation.
  • Pharmalab quality from vendors. A thorough Vendor evaluation, partnering and training them have helped us achieve the required quality and delivery which in turn helps us reduce rework

At Pharmalab, it is as ongoing process to implement world class practices and toalso invent new practices to stay above the rest in the Pharma machineries manufacturing sector.

Gaurav Dave
GM – Operations
Pharmalab India Private Limited


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