Inspection Table is a unit consisting of a three tracks of conveyors with a hood that has lighting arrangement as well as black & white surfaces to enable the Inspector to visually check for any particles in the filled bottle. The unit is installed after filling and cap sealing machines. Filled and sealed bottles come on the Central Conveyor and automatically get bifurcated on the two adjoined conveyor tracks. The inspectors sitting on either side of the table can inspect the bottles manually. Checked bottles are kept in the central track and transferred to the next stage of operations, i.e. Labeling, etc. The machine is made from S.S. 304, AC variable drive is provided for speed change.
  • Rigid, GMP Model.
  • Built in S.S. 304.
  • Adequate sitting space for inspector.
  • Good illumination.
  • Easy adjustment for different dia bottles.
  • Speed variation by AC variable drive.