Pharmalab India has been in the liquid filtration equipment market for over 30 years. Our strength lies in the process know-how wherein providing solutions rather than filtration equipment is of benefit to the user. Added to this is our long-standing experience where we have handled a variety of applications with varying product characteristics and operating conditions. Although pharmaceutical industry has been our core competency, we also cater to other industries such as Agro-Chemicals, Food and Beverages, Distilleries, Breweries and FMCG
Filter presses separate the solids from the liquid so that the filtrate can be processed, packaged or delivered to the next step. Many processes in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries make products from liquid-solid suspensions or slurries.
Filter presses manufactured by us are of an intermittent type, designed to work in a “batch process”. The assembly of filter plates (cartridge assembly) is placed inside the shell with arrangements of tie rods and sealing gaskets. Liquid fed from a pressure source like a pump or line pressure is forced through the filter plates where it is filtered through the filter media placed on each plate. This separates the solids from the liquid where the solids are retained on the filter media and the liquid filtrate flows through the central channel into the outlet pipeline. The process is repeated by redressing the filter once it is choked or the batch is over.