Pharmalab has introduced a new Technology in De-rouging of equipments like process vessels, sterilizers, pure steam generators and multi-column distillation plants.
Pharmalab’s well-trained and experienced team is equipped to give complete De-rouging solutions from identifying the level of rouge to implementing the well-established documented De-rouging process.
Pharmalab’s well developed network is available for prompt and guaranteed service support.
  1. Safe process as the product “Deconex” used in treatment has a neutral pH.
  2. Quick and effective treatment.
  3. De-rouging solution used can directly be drained without any neutralizing treatment.
  4. De-rouging can be achieved without changing any Mechanical properties.
Quality assurance certification support with provision of work & test protocol, SOP, analysis report for chemicals used, material compatibility certificates, MSDS for chemicals used. Safety aspect while handling De-rouging chemicals.
World-class De-rouging solutions are now available at your door step. Kindly contact us for your De-rouging requirements.