Having experience of catering to more than 50 countries across the globe and considering Hygiene, ergonomics and Safety in design, Arcania have developed most sophisticated Bedpan washer for Hospitals.
  • a. 100% Automatic closing and opening of Lid and automatic start of Washing and Disinfection program.
  • b. 100% Stainless steel internal body and side panel.
  • c. Top loading facility.
  • d. Sluice function with flush facility.
  • e. Thermal disinfection facility with inbuilt steam generator.
  • a. The only bedpan washer with no manual contact.
  • b. Minimal time to replace soiled Bedpan.
  • c. Allow cleaning of diverse range of equipment & not only Bedpan.
  • d. Economical and efficient method of Thermal disinfection.
  • e. High performance cleaning with 12 high-pressure jets of which 4 are with rotate function.
  • f. Quick and super skilled service support from well established Pharmalab network across the region.
  • g. Prompt spare delivery management system of Pharmalab.
Count on Pharmalab for your next requirement of Bedpan washer.
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