Bag Filter
  • Completely welded construction prevents solids from bypassing the filter bags, which is usually the case in conventional Sewn bags due to Needle holes of seams.
  • Flanges bag collar with integral gasket avoids bypass of unfiltered liquid due to optimum compression sealing arrangement.
  • Dual Handle lift-out for quick and easy filter bag removal also eliminates contact with unfiltered liquid or dirt.
  • Treated Exterior surface minimizes fiber migration in downstream.
  • Fully combustible construction provides total incineration at low temperature and reduces disposal cost.
  • High strength design minimizes bag breakage reducing product failure.
  • Low-Pressure Drop offers greater yield per filter bag.
  • Permanently embossed micron rating and filter bag size eliminates incorrect replacement.
  • Offers low-cost high-performance liquid filtration.
IP Series (Integrated Polymeric support) provides enhancement of Accufit welded filter bag series with the addition of structural layer and is ultrasonically laminated to the internal composite of the bag to offer unique benefits.
  • It allows a significantly greater differential pressure before change-out.
  • A nonwoven, Polypropylene spun bond jacket eliminates fiber migration in downstream.
  • The bag has an inverted bottom and has an edge on the longitudinal weld.
ULTRAFIT sets new standards for high-performance liquid filtration with its patented ultrasonic laminating process. It offers unique benefits such as
  • 1. 100% FDA compliant composite layer; melt-blown polypropylene microfiber provides optimum efficiency and enhanced solids loading.
  • 2. Zero Bypass collar to eliminate solid bypass.
  • 3. Multiple layers of graded-density, melt-blown polypropylene serves as a primary upstream filter.
  • 4. Separately jacketed, this pre-filter collects larger particles thereby preventing them from prematurely blinding the media below.
  • 5. With the fluid progressing downstream, the layer of absolute-rated microfiber captures finer particles.
  • 6. A layer of nonwoven spun bonded is used to jacket the filtering membrane, providing structural support and minimizing fiber migration downstream, thereby resulting in superior product with economical pricing.
Various Ultrafit Series are available for distinct application.
  • 1. Best suitable for batch or small application or as a final filter where the range of particle size is fairly narrow and consistent.
  • 2. Superior to either felt bag or cartridges.
  • 3. Designed to provide highly efficient liquid filtration for application requiring a consistent level of purity.
  • 4. Absolute-rated material achieves 97% filtration efficiency in micron rating from 1-200.
  • 1. High loading and efficiency demanding application.
  • 2. Unique ability to effectively filter liquids where particle vary in both size and distribution.
  • 3. Achieves efficiency levels of at least 99%.
  • 4. Micron rating from 0.5 to 50.
  • 1. For high purity and critical liquid process application requiring submicronic filtration.
  • 2. Achieves efficiency of 99.98%.
  • 3. Integrated polymeric support is a standard feature.
  • 4. Micron rating – 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 & 0.8.
IP is a structural layer of polypropylene monofilament ultrasonically laminated to an internal composite of the ULTRAFIT welded liquid filter bag.
  • 1. Allows the filter bag to sustain significant pressure drop before change out.
  • 2. Longer run times allow enhanced solids loading.
General Product specification
  • 100% FDA compliant.
  • IP-Integrated polymeric support – Polypropylene monofilament
  • Support jacket: polypropylene, Non-woven spun bond
  • Zero-Bypass collar – Polypropylene, 7.125″ O.D.
  • Max operating Temp: 180 deg F.