Arcania, a well-known brand of Bedpan washers across globe is also the first and only Bedpan manufacturer of France.
With a creative approach of systematically integrating consideration of hygiene, ergonomics and safety in design Arcania is a globally- preferred brand for Bedpan washers.
With super skilled service support network across India and prompt spares delivery management, Pharmalab has formed an alliance with Arcania to provide their sophisticated product backed by our expertise to Indian market.
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Bedpan Washer
Switzerland based Borer has evolved itself as a global cleaning solution provider since 1965.
Borer is known to specialize in cleaning solutions with the unique capability of innovating various cleaning products over the years, which keeps Borer ahead in terms of technology.
Guaranteed on-site support to customers across the globe is the key to their success.
Pharmalab has formed an alliance with Borer in the view of providing world-class De-rouging solution to customers onsite.
Pharmalab has introduced a new Technology in De-rouging of equipments like process vessels, sterilizers, pure steam generators and multi-column distillation plants.
Pharmalab’s well-trained and experienced team is equipped to give complete De-rouging solutions from identifying the level of rouge to implementing the well-established documented De-rouging process.
Pharmalab’s well developed network is available for prompt and guaranteed service support.
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Filtration systems
The United States based Filtration Systems is a market Leader in industrial liquid filtration products for 40 years. It offers a quality product with its unique patented ultrasonic laminating process for filter bags to ensure seamless operation. The product includes a wide array of high-performance filter media, over the top design housings, a valved parallel system, a portable pump and filter packages.
In line with Pharmalab’s philosophy, Filtration Systems takes pride regarding superior technical service for customers, therefore they have come together to serve the wide spectrum of market consisting of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetic, Water treatment, Purification & Reclamation, Chemical & Petrochemical, Electronic components, Photo & Audiovisual, Surface technology, Cleaning machines, Nuclear and Critical liquid process applications.
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Bag Filter
Liquid Filter Housing

MECO is a world leader in water purification technologies and solutions. It is an 80-year-old company, based in Huston, Texas, USA. MECO specializes in designing need specific system to meet customers varied criteria.
MECO manufactures the largest VCS (Vapor Compression Systems) available, producing up to 37000 liters per hour of purified or WFI water.
Pharmalab in cooperation with MECO introduces Vapor Compression Technology for energy efficient WFI generation. As a cooperation, we are committed to quality, innovation and guaranteed customer support.
Vapor compression technology which meets USP and EU criteria for WFI offers huge benefits with GII Centurbo compression technology.
  • Exceptionally light weight, quiet, clean and reliable operation.
  • Highly Economic operation
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Variable production can be achieved with benefit of variable power consumption.
  • Variable capacity enables to better design and manage size of storage and distribution facilities.
  • Closely matching production with demands minimizes no of starts and stops thereby avoiding waste of acceptable WFI and conserve water.
  • Reduced sound with integral water jacket on motor housing without cooling fan arrangement.
  • Additional power saving by eliminating transmission system (i.e. belt drive, gear drive and intermediate bearing housing).
  • Lowered oil consumption with metered oil lubricating system.
  • Eliminates components of lubrication system like circulation pump, filters, external coolers and associated valves & automation thereby reducing maintenance.
  • Oil leakages issues are eliminated as no re-circulation is involved.
  • PLC based control system helps in continuous monitoring of bearing temperature, winding temperature, vibration data.
  • Increases the life of motor and seal with reduced frequency of motor starts.
  • Improved bearing L10 design life of greater than 60000 hrs can be achieved.
  • Direct drive is not dependent on operator to properly tension belt or align gear eliminating a possible source of operator induced failure.
Contact Pharmalab for further details and your requirement of advanced Vapor Compression System.
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Skan AG
For more than 40 years, SKAN has been one of the technology leaders in the area of cleanroom technology for the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry. SKAN is the worldwide market leader today in the demanding segment of aseptic isolator technology. Pharmalab has formed an alliance with SKAN with the view of providing the advantages of integrated hydrogen peroxide decontamination of isolator technology. Our focus is to offer the complete solution from basic design (DQ) via construction to qualification (PQ) of this state of the art technology to all our customers in the Indian region.
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SKANFOG® STI – Sterility Testing Isolator
Wireless GT – Glove Integrity Testing Device